Ko Lanta in Krabi – Thailand

Ko Lanta is located in the Krabi province of Thailand. It is well known for long beaches and a quiet getaway for those looking to escape the parties and nightlife of the cities that younger crowds are attracted to. Ko Lanta is by far one of the more romantic getaways in Thailand, because of its generally quiet population and easy going atmosphere.

During prime tourist season, most resorts in Thailand are incredibly packed with visitors, and no vacancy is available. This usually means that visitors have to either go elsewhere, or need to wait a long amount of time to get a reservation. Ko Lanta is one of the places that tourists are happy to go to if other surrounding locations are a little full. Ko Lanta is an island district, of which receives fairly little tourist attention.

Romantic getaways are perfect for Ko Lanta, because of its beaches. Beaches are incredibly long, and appear like there is no end in sight to the vast landscape of sand and water. This is one of the best places to have a romantic walk on the beach, to view a sunset, or even a sunrise. The island initially received a lot of tsunami damage in 2004, but has recently renovated all necessary areas to reclaim what it has been known for- a quiet getaway.

Surprisingly, getting to the island isn’t hard at all. Airplanes, boats, and cars can all make it to the island. When land and roads aren’t available for cars, ferries will gladly take passengers to the next piece of land to continue the journey to Ko Lanta. It is recommended that cars owned by tourists not be used around Ko Lanta, since some roads have deep ruts and will most likely damage delicate and expensive cars. Instead, taxis or trucks should be used to navigate the island. Motorbikes are very popular among the island, so this is another option for those who do not wish to bring damage to their vehicle.

If a little extra entertainment is desired, some attractions such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and simply walking the beautiful terrain are all good ways to enjoy a vacation. There isn’t much to see historically or culturally, so it is likely that a history or cultural lesson is probably not going to be learned on Ko Lanta. Instead, a very relaxing and exciting time for families and couples can be had on this pleasurable island.
Ko Lanta does have its fair share of drinking and related events, but they are rather non-existent.

Instead, Ko Lanta is the perfect way to celebrate a romantic anniversary, wedding, honeymoon, or family vacation. Younger crowds will likely not see too much attraction to the island, as most of them are interested in bars and nightlife. However, there is plenty to do without the presence of alcohol, and water sports would appeal to most of the younger crowd who are into extreme sports. Overall, the island of Ko Lanta should be a consideration when planning a trip to Thailand.

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