When traveling abroad you must pay attention to the travel tips for the area that you are going to. Some countries have specific instructions on things you can or cannot do to get into their country. So before traveling over there call their airport and find out what things you need to get into the country safely. When coming into a place like Thailand you must learn the greeting there. The greeting is very key over there. The traditional greeting in Thailand is called the Wai.

This is when you place your hands together like in a prayer position about chest high, or chin or even forehead high. You place your hands in a prayer position and bow your head slightly. Most Thai people do not shake hands; some may because they are trying to learn Western ways. But don’t assume that all Thai people you meet will know how to shake hands.

Typically Thai people are very polite and very modest. Culturally, when sun bathing do not remove your top if you are a woman, the Thai people find that offensive. If you decide you want to visit one of the many Buddhist Temple’s, cover your shoulders and your thighs. Try to carry a sarong or something like it when sight seeing, you may not plan to but you may come across a Temple and want to go in.

The money exchange in Thailand is called the Baht. The bills come in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. The coins are in denominations of 10, 5 and 1. There are tiny satangs. These are quarter fractions of 1 and they are not widely used at all anymore. You can exchange most international currency and even Traveler Checks at local banks or even local money changers.

Credit cards are accepted in major places but the smaller shops may not accept them. There are Western Union outlets all over Thailand; they are all accessible and easy to get to. Thailand does have ATM machines; there is a display in English for easy to understand instructions. International ATM card with the Cirrus symbol can be used.

As far as being safe, Thailand is relatively safe and a healthy country overall. There are some pre cautions that you may want to take to make traveling a lot easier. Sunburn is definitely a common health risk, with Thailand being so close to the equator, the sun’s rays are stronger and you may burn easily and quicker than you normally would. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Especially in the heat. Never drink the tap water, always drink bottled water. Ice is safe but regular tap water, not so much. Most restaurants offer bottled water and in the smaller area’s they may have to boil their water first.

Find out what vaccinations you may need to check with the local hospital in the country you are going to be traveling to. There may be some special vaccinations you may need to get into the country. Fortunately, Thailand does not require any pre arrival vaccinations unless you are traveling in from Africa, then you will need a yellow fever shot. Malaria and Dengue fever do exist in Thailand, but not in the populated areas. If you plan on graveling into the remote areas of the country then by all means, get the vaccinations for these diseases.

But as a precaution even in the populated areas wear insect repellant, just to be on the safe side. The pharmacies in Thailand are very well stocked so if you are on medications and run out, you can be assured that a pharmacy will have what you need. Thailand may also have your medication at a fraction of the price it would normally cost you.

The one thing you will need to get into Thailand is a Visa. The passport that is required, the passport must be valid six months from the date of entry into Thailand. If your passport expires while in Thailand you must get a new one before leaving. Tourist Visas are available by applying at the Thai Embassy or the Consulate before traveling. Check with Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for information on what you will need to obtain a Visa.

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