Thailand has many safe forms of transportation. Millions and millions of people travel in and out of Thailand every day. You can travel by boat, plane and train; the people traveling are citizens, expatriates and tourist. If you want to travel by boat, you can travel through the canals or Khlongs. A lot of the canals have been filled in with cement to create more streets but there are many khlongs still exist today. There are people who live along the canals and there are markets places that are open along the canals for people who wish to shop while they travel. One major market place that is located along the Khlong is the Taling Chan District, which has a floating market.

In downtown Bangkok runs a service called the Khlong Saen Saeb, this has a canal boat service that runs extensively through the Chao Phraya. They make as many as 30 stops along the banks of Caen Saeb klhong. As you travel north the boats get further away from the stopping stations and stops the transportation ability of the water taxis, it stops them from working a true form of mass transit. Most of the khlongs are highly polluted with sewage and almost everything else you can think of.

If you wish a more stable form of transportation then you may want to try the roadways. Thailand has many elevated highways and reconstructed intersections. But there are many unpaved and partially complete roads that you can see as you travel through the greater Bangkok area. There are severe traffic jams on the surface roads in Bangkok. More and more people are using their own cars and not enough mass transit, so the roads are getting more and more congested.

Many of the residents say that they spend half of their day in traffic, some take what they call an open air city bus but the traffic is so unbelievable that they spend as much time in traffic as others do. There are elevated highways and new highways are being built every year to accommodate the traffic conditions. The traffic gets so bad that it takes almost an hour to move one meter.

Thailand opened the first metro system called the Skytrain or BTS as its official called opened in 1999. Thailand had built another elevated railroad called the Hopewell Project. It failed during the Asian Financial Crisis and as it was being built constructed stopped due to the crisis. The pillars were left unused, the local people call them Hopeless, Stonehenge and even Hopehenge. Subways were always a problem due to the floods and wet soils. But in 2004 the subway opened. The MRT subway system line connected the train station of Bang Sue to Hua Lamphong near the center of the city.

You can reach most cities and provinces by bus from Bangkok, if you are lucky enough to avoid the major traffic jams there. There are pick ups in the Southwest and West, East and the North and Northwest. Bus travel has become safer; there was a time when the drivers of the buses would take methamphetamines to stay awake, there were problems with speeding and dangerous driving conditions. But today, the drivers are perfectly safe and the bus system is a fine way to travel.

Airports are still the main way to get around. The Don Mueang International Airport has over 80 airlines flying in and out on a daily basis. This airport alone on a yearly basis sees over 38,000,000 passengers, 160,000 flights and about 700,000 tons of cargo leave the airport. It is the 18th busiest airport in the world and the 2nd busiest in Asia for passenger volume. This airport is one of the oldest airports in the world.

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