Thai food has become the fastest rising cuisine in the world. You can go to almost any country and find several Thai food restaurants there. Thai food had history and culture; they have recipes that date back to the days of Old Siam. These recipes were used to prepare food for the royalty of Old Siam. The recipes were passed down through generation and generation. They were once regarded as private recipes and through the centuries they have finally been slowly introduced to the public.

Oddly enough the best of the best food from Thailand can be found in the street stalls and restaurants around the country. Some of the food has a Chinese influence due to the region. India, Malaysia, Burma and Cambodia also have a slight influence because they are bordering countries. The recipes from the surrounding countries have all come together to be labeled Thai Food, because of the shared recipes and ingredients that were borrowed from each country.

The most distinctive part of the Thai food is the herbs and spices. The flavor of these two sources combined brings a whole new taste to the palate. It is widely believed that the herbs and spices had healing powers and therapeutic powers as well. Thai food uses low fat ingredients and fresh herbs and spices, makes Thai food one of the healthiest foods around. Another reason why people enjoy the food so much is because it is served by ultra friendly people who want you to have a great dining experience. A custom in Thailand is that most meals are shared; eating alone is very rarely seen. You can tell that by the place settings, if you notice on the table there is a communal spoon that is set next to each dish so that the meal can be shared with other around the table.

The Thai meal is a communal affair, the more dishes there are the more they can be sampled. The diners choose what foods they would like to try and place it on their plates usually on top of a bed of rice. All of the dishes are served all at once, not like other restaurants when the food is served in courses. The meal is intended to be a terrific dining experience and with the company and the food, it sure will be an experience you will remember. Thai food with its distinctive taste and low fat quality, it would be hard not to enjoy a meal. Especially an authentic Thai meal in Thailand. It can�t get better that that.

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