Surin – Elephants – Good hostels in Thailand

Surin is the capital of the Surin province in Thailand, located in Southeast Asia. It is a rather small and quiet town that is brought to life each year through the festival “Elephant Roundup” that attracts many visitors and tourists to the quiet capital. Other than a few small attractions, the capital Surin will most likely be better for those looking to relax, rather than engage is extreme sports and entertainment.

The capital Surin has some historical background, which makes it good for family trips that are looking to learn about the Thailand area, as well as enjoy it. Temples are open to tourism, and are spread out over a somewhat wide area, so renting a form of transportation is usually necessary. These can be fairly expensive is a price is not agreed on beforehand, so taking a tour bus or bargaining is usually required in getting the best possible price.

As stated before, the “Elephant Roundup” is extremely popular to tourists. This festival occurs once a year in November, and lasts three days straight. Elephants can be seen roaming around, performing tricks, and even re-enacting battles of Thailand’s past. This is truly an amazing experience, and the hotels will be the first to tell you that reservation is required if visitors wish to see this extraordinary event. During this period, the small town of Surin fast becomes a populated with tourists- so more attractions line the streets during this period of time.

When festivals aren’t occurring, the town of Surin still caters to tourist wants and needs. Elephant rides can still be taken, and an elephant training village is even open to tourism. It is very fascinating to see how elephants are trained to do spectacular things, and is a must-see when traveling to Surin. Outside of the town, a museum has been built to showcase the history and culture of Surin’s past, and is also a popular attraction that shouldn’t be missed when visiting.

There are a few small bars and restaurants that line the small town of Surin, but nothing incredibly extravagant. There aren’t any special restaurants or bars to take advantage of, but they exist nonetheless. Be sure to get one of the good hotels in town, as some hotels are kind of “shady” and aren’t always safe. The good hotels cost a little bit more in the long run, but make the stay in Surin much more enjoyable and safer for travelers.

Surin is likely to become developed in the future, thanks to the Elephant Roundup that occurs every year. Eventually, the growing town will become popular and most likely become a resort getaway.
Until then, Surin is still just a sleepy town waiting to be awoken. Families and couples will appreciate the quiet and peace that the town brings, and also will enjoy the activities that the town offers. It isn’t the most exciting town in all of Thailand, but it well worth a visit during November if a reservation can be made in time.

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