Phuket – Known by tourists worldwide

Phuket is Southern Thailand’s largest island, and one of the better tourist locations to visit. Tourists have flocked to this large island for its natural scenery- and beautiful beaches. Tourists will also see a lot of support and appreciation, as the island’s economy caters to tourist activities.

The island was badly hit with a tsunami in 2004, but luckily, most of the damage is not visible today. On the contrary, in fact, as the beaches look and feel amazing. Ten major beaches exist on the island, so crowding isn’t always a problem. And of course, there are the smaller, lesser known beaches for times when the beaches are full- such as in holiday season.

Beaches are far from the only attraction in Phuket, and time should be spent elsewhere to take in the wonderful history and culture of the island. Things such as riding an elephant are available to tourists. Elephants are domesticated, so there is most likely no need to become afraid of the elephants while being around them. In fact, they are tame to the point where they will hand money to the elephant keepers, when handed from tourists. This isn’t exactly an incredible trick- but it does show how well trained the elephants are.

For those who are looking for more of a relaxing and enjoying time, water sports and golfing are available. The golf courses are high-rated, and internationally acclaimed. Each has its own set of scenery and challenges, which makes the island a golfer’s paradise. Water sports such as jet-skiing and scuba diving are available for the more adventurous types. Other water activities such as boating or fishing are also very popular among tourists.

Phuket is also home to the Wat Chalong. This temple is an incredible Buddhist temple that is a wonderful photo opportunity. Different festivals and seasonal attractions continue throughout the year, such as the Vegetarian Festival. While these attractions are great, relaxing in one of the many bars at night is often a great way to end a good day.

If the vacation or trip is a little more permanent than just a few days, it might be interesting to take a few boxing classes. These classes will the willing into a Muay Thai fighter, given the right amount of determination and willpower. This form of kick-boxing can be trained at two locations.
While not for everyone, the more outgoing type will be sure to enjoy this sport on an extended stay. Phuket is by far one of the more exciting islands to visit in Thailand.

It is a naturally beautiful island that has remained so, even despite the 2004 tsunami. The cultural attractions, such as elephant riding, are great for back-home stories to friends and family. With so much to do, it may be hard to leave the island. The beaches will most likely be the main investment in time from tourists, but try to get away from the beaches every now and then to experience all this wonderful island has to offer.

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