Pattaya – Popular resort in Eastern Thailand

Pattaya is a popular resort located in Eastern Thailand that is famous for its bars and numerous activities for tourists to engage in. In fact, tourists flock to Pattaya each year- around 5 million to be more specific. Pattaya is one of the more popular tourist attractions in Thailand, and the development of the city has recently begun to reflect this.

The amount of entertainment in the city is amazing. The nightlife will be sure to please even the more wild tourists- with a myriad of go-go bars and activities to do when the sun goes down. The slower paced tourists can enjoy sports such as riding horses or golfing. Those looking to improve their tan can relax on the very fine beaches of Pattaya. Essentially, every type of tourist will have something to do in Pattaya- and the number of visitors each year obviously shows this.

Before Pattaya became so popular, it actually held a lot of cultural value as a sleepy fishing village. Since then, development and construction have effectively rewritten its cultural background, and instead created a thriving city that caters to tourism. Getting around the town hasn’t become a problem, however, since many types of rentals and taxis are available. Bikes, motorbikes, cars, jeeps, and even all terrain vehicles, or ATVs, can be rented. Then of course, taxis are available for those who do not wish to drive.

There are many attractions in Pattaya, and it’s likely that tourists won’t have time to see them all. Different types of zoos, museums, gardens, art centers, theme parks, and then of course the normal attractions such as beaches will easily take the majority of any vacation to experience. Even sacred places are open for tourism, such as the Buddha hill, which is also the highest point in all of Pattaya.

The beaches of Pattaya are by no means boring. All kinds of water sports are available to engage in, and the bay of Pattaya is big enough to accommodate a large number of tourists at any time. There are several different islands and beaches nearby and around the area, so when things start to get crowded, move to another beach isn’t too much of a problem. But when the ground is filled with visiting tourists, visitors can take to the skies and paraglide, skydive, or even pilot an airplane if the necessary piloting skills are of course apparent.

Pattaya is easily one city to make sure all vacationers visit. The resort city is popular for its wide range of entertainment- so it can make one of the best vacations for thrill seekers. The more quiet vacation can be had here, but would probably be best suited elsewhere. Spas and resorts are available for those who need a little upper class treatment as well. Each year, the city of Pattaya keeps pushing out old land, and building and expanding for new tourists. In the coming years, Pattaya is likely to become one of the few spots that Thailand vacationers should absolutely visit. At 5 million visitors each year, Pattaya has already become a very popular place to visit.

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