Krabi – known for Ao-nang

Krabi is the capital city of the Krabi province, in South Thailand. The capital city of Krabi is accessible by boat, which of course means it has a shoreline- and a beautiful one at that. Krabi has a population of around 25,000 people, so it is a bit large. Tourism is a big part of the city, and many services seek to cater guests to the capital.

Most tourists find lodging in the city of Krabi while going to other attractive places, since the capital is very near popular Krabi Province tourist sites. Tourists will have no problem obtaining more travel money or maps, thanks to wireless internet access and ATM machines that scatter throughout the city. Extending a Visa is possible through the capital city as well, and combined with the ATM and internet services, makes the city a great stay before heading onto more exciting locations.

Krabi also dwells on its historical culture, with the cuisine offered through street vendors and restaurants. Vendors offer some of the best seafood available, at rock-bottom prices. Restaurants can offer authentic Thai food, although alcohol may be absent from menus in certain markets. Interestingly, there are a few Italian restaurants to enjoy as well. This offers a little taste of food from home to western tourists.

The sights of Krabi will be sure to amaze any who view them. Astounding cliffs reach towards the sky, and the beautiful beaches blend in to create an amazing view. The views in Krabi are very much worthy of a postcard, and make perfect scenery for tourist pictures. Rock climbing is popular among the citizens of Krabi, and with no surprise. Rock climbing has seldom ever produced a sight such as the one given to Krabi rock climbers. If high adrenaline sports such as rock climbing seem too dangerous, a nice relaxing day at the beach can easily relieve stress.

The climate of Krabi is tropical, and the capital city is indeed susceptible to monsoons and other poor weather conditions. The best time to visit the capital is during Spring, and be sure to avoid the fall and winter seasons- this is where most of the bad weather takes place. The climate, added to the beautiful beaches, makes the capital one of the most popular destinations in the surround area.

Don�t let a bout of bad weather spoil a vacation- and plan them according to monsoon seasons. Krabi is a great place to visit, and not just because it is situated near other popular attractions. The capital city is famous for its beaches and the great support for tourists in the area. Authentic food and beautiful scenery make this prime tourist grounds, as the economy of Krabi already shows.

Street vendors, restaurants, and other institutions will gladly accustom to traveler�s needs, but it should be noted that care should be taken. Some institutions will gladly accept much more money than the normal rate of things- so be sure to research and understand the economy of Krabi before visiting.

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