Koh Chang better known as Ko Chang

Koh Chang, also known as Ko Chang, is the second largest island in Thailand. It is located in Eastern Thailand, near Bangkok. Tourism has increased over the recent years, and has made this island into a popular resort location.  The sights of the island are impressive, with some very beautiful yet natural sights to see. There are plenty of waterfalls to see in and around the region, such as the Klong Plu or Khiri Petch. By far, the Klong Nueng is the most extravagant waterfall, and is definitely worth a look. Also to see is the Mu Ko Chang National Park. This park is a site dedicated to marine life, and is comprised of 46 other islands in the surrounding region.

Having a little fun in Ko Chang is easy. An elephant ride is sure to give a one in a lifetime experience to all tourists who aren’t familiar with riding these giant beasts. Of course, Ko Chang is an island, so snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular as well. The surrounding waters are a very interesting shade of blue, and make for a great experience for exploring the depths of the Ko Chang waters. To make it easy on tourists, many packages are available that incorporate most of these entertaining experiences into one price, so tourists can do less planning and get back to enjoying the vacation.

Ko Chang has a very scenic number of beaches that incorporate vast sandy beaches and tropical trees. These popular beaches are one of the main reasons that Ko Chang has become a popular resort location for tourists. The ease of travel has also led to a great number of tourists- since arrivals can be made from land vehicles, boats, and airplanes. Taking a boat to the island is an incredible experience- and is recommended if a specific mode of transportation is needed.

Since the island caters to tourists, a wealth of hotels, restaurants, and attractions will line the island. Be aware that islands usually have inflated costs, since most goods are brought in from the mainland. Buying souvenirs and ornaments can usually be done on the mainland, so it is usually best to wait if the right price for an item isn’t known. A wide range of hotels and resorts dot the shorelines, so finding somewhere to stay usually isn’t a problem for tourists visiting Ko Chang. Lastly, markets line most roads- so food can be easily gotten at a very fair price.

Ko Chang is a popular island to visit, but can be out of the way for some of the more short trips. Nevertheless, the island makes a perfect getaway for many types of people- and provides a wealth of entertainment for all of the family. Snorkeling and riding elephants is sure to pique anyone’s interest, and the sandy beaches dotted with tropical trees are great for a little rest and relaxation. If a little extra time is permitted on a trip through Thailand, Ko Chang is highly recommended for a stay.

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