Ko Samui – Southern parts of Thailand

Samui, the shortened name from Ko Samui, is an island just off the gulf of Thailand. Like most of the southern islands of Thailand, Ko Samui is well known for great beach attractions. Samui is well known for the amazing amount of attractions that are available on the island- and also as a great tourist resort.

The first noticeable trait of the island is the wealth of coconuts it contains. These fresh coconuts are the perfect exotic experience for a traveler’s taste buds. Of course, Samui is an island- so seafood is also a very popular form of food, provided by most restaurants lining the shorelines. Imported beer can cost a small fortune, as well as the wine selections. However, the nice range of themed bars makes the experience very enjoyable, and the extra money isn’t usually a problem.

The avid golfer will find a good vacation in Samui. Golfers will notice a respectable 18-hole golf course, complete with shops and practice ranges. It is completely necessary to get a golf cart, since the fairways can often be very steep- which would easily exhaust most golf players. The steep fairways also make good golfing ground and an interesting challenge to golfers. Other more extreme sports are available, such as bungy jumping and kayaking.

These sports usually scare tourists away from being a possible danger, but they are actually quite safe. It should be noted that only experienced or older individuals should attempt the more extreme sports in Samui, so no casualties are taken. This fact remains especially true for the shooting range, which even lets customers shoot an AK-47.

Getting around in the island of Samui can be accomplished through the many taxis, but also by renting a motorbike. Motorbikes can be dangerous, since there are some rather poorly developed streets that may have holes or dips in them. This is usually not best for most tourists, but good for those who enjoy motor biking and wish to save a little money from taxi fares. Taxis in Samui, like most of Thailand, will often have to be bargained with, or even convinced just to use the meter.

Tourism is without a doubt the biggest economic boost that the island has had. Coconut farming and fishing are still practiced throughout the island, but most natives have switched jobs to cater to tourists. From this added attention, tourists will without a doubt feel very friendly and welcomed by the natives. This adds a little extra incentive for tourists to visit the island.

Samui, or Ko Samui, is a wonderful island to visit. Tourists will see a wealth of attractions to take part in, and also a very welcoming population. Beaches, bars, extreme sports, and good food make the island a very good location to visit along an extended trip in Thailand. For those looking for a more historical and peaceful part of Thailand, this probably isn’t the place. All other tourists will be sure to enjoy the pleasing stay at Ko Samui.

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