Phi Phi – Ko Phi Phi

Phi Phi, also known as Ko Phi Phi, is actual a pair of islands located in the Krabi Province of Thailand. The oddly shaped island has actually had a movie filmed on its beaches, titled “The Beach.” The pair of islands has recently become a very popular tourist location, so expect to see quite a few tourists present in and around the area.

Ko Phi Phi is most notably known for the beautiful scenery that it holds. Sadly, new construction and zoning to accommodate new tourists have led the island to lose part of its beauty. Nevertheless, great points of interest still exist. Monkey beach is a prime example, and is aptly named. If this beach is to be visited, be sure to bring a few bananas for the playful monkeys that scavenge the area. View Point is the name given to the high point of Ko Phi Phi that lets tourists see the entire island, and is very well worth a photograph for a keepsake.

Since Ko Phi Phi is naturally a beautiful island, most of the activities involve enjoying this aspect. Scuba diving, for example, lets visitors see the depths of the waters surrounding Ko Phi Phi up close. Rock climbing lets tourists scale vertical cliffs, and enjoy the oddly shaped terrain- and also the view. Snorkeling is also popular among tourists, and is great for shallow diving.

The island has a great amount of bars and places to get good food. Bars usually stay open until very late in the morning, so partying is something of a big scene in Ko Phi Phi. The many bars each have a theme or special attraction of their own- from sports bars to rock bars. This makes going for a night out on the city a very entertaining experience- and will easily keep visitors entertained for the duration of their vacation.

Since tourism has recently become more and more popular, most of the things sold in Ko Phi Phi may have a bit of a steep price. This also remains true since most things have to be brought in by boat from the mainland. If souvenirs and keepsakes are desired, it is usually much better to wait and get them on the mainland of Thailand to save some money. Nevertheless, a good price may be gotten through bargaining- but it will most likely take some work to get a fair price. Still other goods are manufactured right on the island, so not everything sees the price hike geared towards tourists.

Ko Phi Phi is one of the more scenic areas in Thailand to visit. The night life is very desirable for those who enjoy partying and drinking. The myriad of tourist attractions will be sure to please any type of vacation- particularly a romantic or family vacation. The pair of islands has beautiful beaches, scenic mountainsides, and plenty of night entertainment- even despite being hit by a tsunami in 2004. In the coming years, Ko Phi Phi will become increasingly more developed as new buildings are built- so seeing the island in its present form of beauty is well worth a detour while in Thailand.

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