Khao Lak – Rebuilt after the 2004 Tsunami

Khao Lak is a resort town located in Southern Thailand. It was devastated by the tsunami in 2004 that struck Southern Asia, and has repaired most of the necessary lands around the area. Khao Lak has become more of a relaxing town geared towards couples and families, and has shown much less support for the partying type of tourists.

There are few attractions to see in Khao Lak, and probably the only one of interest is the police boat that was washed up on the main land. It is said that the boat was washed a little over a kilometer from the shoreline, while protecting the princess at the time of the accident. It is simply a police boat washed up on land, and this attraction could probably be avoided if necessary. It is a good point of interest for families who are looking to get out of the hotel, however.

The most appealing part of Khao Lak is the beautiful beaches and tropical forests. The 2004 tsunami had made most of the Khao Lak beaches waste lands, but recent renovation has sought to make restore them to their previous beauty. The almost immediate division between tropical forests, sandy beaches, and cool waters is a very incredible sight to behold. Months from November to March have even seen floods of tourists again, which is nice to see after a devastating tsunami hit the area.

The economy of Khao Lak is almost dependent upon tourism. Tourist hotels and attractions line the roads, looking to accommodate to visitors. Restaurants and markets are also geared towards tourism in most cases, although there are a few agricultural plantations that serve to help the economy of Khao Lak. The good amount of tourists present in high traffic seasons has done wonders for the recovery of Khao Lak, and prices of items will surely reflect this.

A stay in Khao Lak is considered to be somewhat upper class. Beachfront cabins are available to those who can afford them, and of course cheaper hotels are available for the lesser capable tourists. Almost all the hotels had to be rebuilt because of the tsunami, so most hotels are either repaired or completely new. This has made prices rise around the area, which has given Khao Lak a higher class name for its tourists. If a trip is planned during the tourist season, be sure to book a hotel early- hotels will no doubt be completely booked all through the tourism seasons.

Khao Lak is steadily reclaiming what it was before the 2004 tsunami- and even creating something better. Khao Lak now has higher standards in living, and charges more overall for visitors to stay within its lands. This makes Khao Lak somewhat high class, which makes it a great getaway for the wealthy that do not wish to mingle with the lesser classes of society that crowd the city streets. If the money is available for a stay in Khao Lak, it is well spent money- for both family and romantic getaways alike.

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