There are many beliefs that there are healing powers in herbs and spices. By that belief there has been a popularity surge in the way of Thai food. Thailand is very famous for its herbs and spices. Many are foreign to the area and there are many that are grown there. Thai people have an old tradition in their use of medicines to include many herbs and spices. It was so popular in belief that chefs began to incorporate them into their cooking. They had a double purpose, they were used to enhance the flavor of food as well as keep the person who consumed them healthy. Here are some of the most popular herbs and spices used in traditional healing medicines as well as to spice up the food.

Coriander is the most commonly used herb. This is a fresh leaf herb and is used in hundreds of different types of dishes. It is used for the distinctive scent, when the roots are meshed together with garlic and some black pepper and now it can be used as a healthy seasoning. Basil is the second most common herb. Basil can be used in soups, salads, seafood and sauces. There are two types of basil, holy basil which can be used in its stir fries and lemon leaf basil is used in salads because it has a light taste.

Spearmint leaves are used in salads and can be eaten raw, as a mint. Lemongrass is also associated with Thai food that it has become a very popular restaurant name in Thailand. Lemon is a citrus so the lemongrass has a little bit of a zing to it. Also, in many Thai dishes it is sprinkled with the zest of lime juice. Ginger is a very popular Thai food ingredient. It can be used a fresh spice or powered. It can be used mostly in soups and curry dishes. Other spices used in Thai food are Cumin, Cinnamon and Cardamom which originally came through India is now a staple in the Thai cuisine.

The Pandan leaf is mainly used a garnish to wrap food in Chicken or pro ribs are a great food to be used with the pandan leaves. Peppercorns are used as a heating ingredient in chilies. They come whole and on the stalk, when they re ground and dried they are the perfect seasoning. Though thought of more as a scent than a spice, Jasmine is used in meats and sauces to give them that special taste. Also, Saffron, Sesame and cloves are used to give Thai food some of that exotic flavor that they are famous for.

There are more Thai food restaurants popping up all over the world. The food is famous for the taste and that is in large part to the seasoning. Thai food as much as it taste great the other reason why people eat it, is because they believe that the spices and herbs have healing powers. They believe if they eat the Thai food it will keep them in good health.

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