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Do you want to know why Single Thai women prefer dating Western men? When it comes to interracial relationships, you will find that Thai women (living in Asia) want to date men from the USA, EU and UK.

Many online articles have been written about this subject, but unfortunately, they fail to come out with clear reasons why Thai woman will prefer becoming the wife of a Western man. In this informative post, we’ll look at 7 reasons why these women prefer a marriage to a Western man.

Western Men Are Emotionally Aware

Single Thai women grow up in homes where the father expresses affection by putting food on the table and ensuring the family has a home. For instance, the fact that the father raised them instead of giving them up for adoption should make them feel loved.

However, the Western man expresses his feelings freely, which makes Thai women prefer marriage to them. Remember that men from Western countries love expressing their feelings through paintings, visiting a therapist and writing poetry. It’s the reason why many Thai women would want to be the wife of a western man.

They Love Cooking

Hot Thai bride cooking in the street

It’s important to realize that any woman loves a man who can cook. Unfortunately, many Thai men are brought up knowing the kitchen is a woman’s place. On the other hand, Western men love cooking, which means they don’t believe that its only women who should cook. Thai girls are brought up believing that the main duty of a wife is to serve the husband. They are therefore surprised to learn that the Western man can cook and serve dinner.

They Are Cultured

Thai women love Western men who are slim and well read. In most instances, they wear glasses and know who to treat a woman during a date. They will take the Thai date to the best restaurants, which serve delicious foods and drinks. The western man will take time to learn the history of the single Thai woman’s homeland and culture.

Some of these men also speak the Thai woman’s language better than the date. For example, you will find that the non-Thai man studied her country’s language while in college and lived there for at least a year. Thai women will find this interest flattering and comforting, which means they love getting married to them.

Men from the West Are In Most Cases Tall

For many Single Thai women, the main description of their ideal man is that he should be tall. However, Thai men tend to be short, which means most of them will look for estern men from US, UK and the EU. Thai girls may be short, which means they may not mind men who are of short stature.

However, you should realize that most of them would love being the wife of a tall white man. Remember that Thai girls love looking beautiful, which means by getting married to a tall man from western countries, their petite beauty will be emphasized.

Westeren Men Are Confident

Many white men are full of confidence, which means that Thai women prefer them as compared to Thai men. For example, a white man will walk up to the Thai girl and ask her exciting and interesting questions. The western man will use any information he knows about her country of origin to get her to talk.

On the other hand, an Thai man may blush when talking to the girl, which results in the girl getting bored. Remember that Thais are in most cases conservatives. That means the confident and assertive white man will end up taking the woman.

Western Men Treat Women as Equals

Thai single women beautiful in white

In Thai cultures, men will in most cases feel threatened when the woman’s talents, social status and abilities exceed their own. Western men will treat the Thai woman as their equal, meaning the wife will enjoy greater independence.

The result is many Thai women (living in Asia) will prefer getting married to a white man. Keep in mind that many Thai-American and Thai men who treat women as their equals, but Thai values may make the woman choose the white man.

The Women believe it’s A Ticket to a Better Life

Many single Thai women believe that a marriage to a western man is a ticket to a better life. However, many of them end up realizing that it ’s a myth when they become the wife. The reason is that Thai economies are rapidly growing; meaning getting married to a western guy no longer guarantees an improved financial situation.


Single Thai women prefer a marriage to a western man because of the above attributes. It’s the reason why many of them overlook Thai men who they have grown up with. Remember that among the things Thai women look for when marrying a white man is confidence, height and the ability to be secure even if she’s more successful. White men also cook, which is one thing that Thai men aren’t keen to do.

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