All year round, Thailand is eventful. Millions of foreigners come to the Asian nation to experience the magic, culture, and art of Thailand. The people of Thailand are very warm and their culture is very unique.

There are plenty of spicy delicacies to enjoy, and the best way to do it is joining the yearly festivals. The festivals are held virtually in every town but the temple grounds are the most used venues. When visiting Thailand, you should be prepared for a crazy, cool, and bizarre-like festival.

If your idea of fun is dancing to swing music, drinking liquor, eating spicy dishes, and marveling at beautiful sceneries, then you’ll find it all in Thailand. The options are many, and you’ll always find a festival that corresponds with your time of traveling.

You just need to know where to go in Thailand and what time of the year to make the travel. If you don’t know where to find the fun or what time to visit, here are the 5 best festivals in Thailand that you can be a part of.

Ghost Festival – June/July

people in Thailand dressed as ghosts

The Ghost Festival is a three-day fun event that happens in Dan Sai. The festival combines religious practices and local handicraft to give you an entertaining experience. The participants at the Ghost Festival wear dreadful masks and dancing costumes. The masks are characterized by stretched faces, phallic noses, and bright colors.

The festival has a Buddhists and Animist origin, and it’s held yearly to remind the locals and inform the foreigners of how fun Thailand is. The event is held in the weekend when the 6th full moon is seen.  The parading begins on a Friday and the dancing extravaganza is on a Saturday.

The highlight of the festival is on a Sunday when the Buddhism ceremonies are marked.

Candle Festival – July

man carefully sculpting a candle

The Candle Festival is held in Ubon Ratchathani every July. The event is a mixture of art, fun, and Asian culture. Usually, a team of skillful sculptors make 10 massive candle wax sculptures that are paraded on the street, and are accompanied by a team of dancers. The Candle Festival is a religious event that has a Buddhism origin.

In fact, the event is marked as a religious holiday for the Buddhists. No alcohol is sold during the festival since the period is considered sacred by the Buddhists.

However, alcohol consumption is not prohibited; so, you can stock your liquor in advance. The locals donate several personal items to the monks since it’s also a period to give.

Chinese New Year – January/February

celebrating the Chinese New Year with the dragon dance

The Chinese New Year celebrations happen at the beginning of the year in Yaowaraj, Bangkok. Yaowaraj is the official Chinatown in Thailand. Thousands of Chinese people reside in the town. During the New Year festival, the level of fun in the town is crazy. The entire town comes to life, both young and old.

The highlight of the fun is normally at the Charoen Krung Street. The festival features fun events, such as fire cracking, dragon dancing, and crowd worshipping. Many foreigners join the festival to experience the Chinese culture in Thailand. There are many great Chinese banquets to enjoy.

If you are a fan of the Chinese culture, and you are planning to experience it at the highest level, you should visit Thailand during the Chinese New Year. Many who come to Thailand in January and February usually look forward to the New Year festivals.

Lantern Festival – November

Thai monks looking at the beautiful night sky

The Lantern Festival happens in Chiang Mai every November. The event is known to provide a remarkable site at night since thousands of participants release paper lanterns into the sky and observe the display. As a visitor to Thailand, the festival is something that you’ll enjoy if you are crazy about outdoor exploration.

This is a fiesta that allows you to take breathtaking evening pictures as you sink into the excitement of making fireworks. At the location, there is a beautiful river, River Peng, which is known to stream the lantern papers to provide you with a magical night display.

There are also religious ceremonies that accompany the Lantern Festival, and you can be a part of if you are targeting maximum fun.

Water Festival – April

elephant in Thailand splashing water to people

The Water Festival is the grandest, longest, and funniest festival in Thailand, and probably the whole of Asia. The event is celebrated throughout Thailand in April, and it runs for three days. It’s characterized by great dance music and lots of drinking.

The festival allows participants to splash each other with water. You can use any vessel that can hold water, for example, water guns, buckets, and hosepipe.

Since it’s normally hot in April, the Water Festival is a great way to cool off while having fun. If you are a single guy looking to meet single Thai women, this is the event for you!

Originally, the festival began as a tradition for the Buddhists where sprinkled water would signify purification. Today, the locals splash each other with water for fun and to cushion themselves from the scorching sun. If you are looking to join in the water fight, you can be a part of it in Bangkok, at Silom Road and Khao San Road.

Evidently, from the five festivals, Thailand is a lively and fun-filled country throughout the year. If you want to be a part of any of the celebrations, you just need to identify a festival that coincides with your vacation period.

You have the opportunity to be a part of the Thailand history if you participate in the yearly events.

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